Starting your company in Kuala Lumpur is no mean feat. As a clever entrepreneur, you should check all corners and make sure you don’t leave anything unattended. All promising entrepreneurs understand the importance of research before setting up their businesses. 

However, not all entrepreneurs are well-versed with the research to carry out for business formation. We at Cogent help come to the fore here and assist you with the all-important phase of company formation.

Exploring Your Market

By understanding the market, we mean understanding both the market as a whole and the segment of the market that you’re targeting in particular. It is essential for you to step into the market only after you have found out all the details pertaining to the political, environmental, social, and technological setting within the market. We run a PEST analysis to help you know the future that the market holds and what you can achieve by stepping in here. 

Once we are done with understanding the externalities here, we jump towards understanding your target segment. Your target segment may not share the same attributes as the whole market, so it is necessary that you try to understand the niche and get to know what motivates the demand that you are trying to cater to. 

Developing a Business Plan

It really is futile for you to step into a market without a formal business plan in your hand. Your business plan should be clear about what you plan to provide the masses and should have a special mention of how you plan to do so. We help you with creating your business plan and assist you in the formation process. 

The business plan should contain your mission and vision and how you plan to reach out to the segment that you’re trying to reach out to. If the business plan is vague and does not set a definitive pathway, then you may not end up achieving what you want to achieve from this business idea of yours.

Registering Your Business

You need to register your business in your state and get the appropriate licenses and permits. Complying with federal laws is important once you have set up your business. For example, if you have set up a restaurant within your region, then you need health permits, signage permits, building permits, etc. All of these permits are extremely necessary for starting your business and operating within the jurisdiction of the law.

Marketing and Promotion

Discussing details regarding marketing and promotion before you have even formed may sound like a big stretch, but getting out marketing details on paper is an excellent way to understand your business. So, we help get all the details related to marketing and promotion in front of you. Knowing how you would market your service and how you will be running promotions will mean that you won’t suffer from confusion when it is time to think of a marketing plan. 

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